May 30, 2011


splash of pink, summer feel, tulle, flowers, lace.

I should be studying atoms and radioactive decay!

May 29, 2011

feel it all around

 Semi-precious gemstone necklaces (from left: lava, pink quartz, agathe, amestyth)

 Lava charm necklace

 Cherry quartz and gold plated brass bracelet

 Pink quartz necklace

Inspirations: flowers, soft pastel hues, perfume bottles, see-through fabrics.

I wish I posted more often! I need to work on that.
The photos above show my little diy project from the previous week. I like the bracelet especially - perhaps the photo doesn't show its charm, but it looks wonderful worn with a tiny vintage watch in golden and a black sweater.
Have a great week!

+ Feel it all around - Washed Out

May 6, 2011


my photos: painted linen, vintage demin, nude tights pompom, sheer pink polyester.

click on the photos for bigger size.


some of mine photos from Paris + silly photoshop editing.


H&M sunglasses, vintage vertical stripes top, Kappahl striped tote bag.