June 30, 2011

Takashi Iwasaki

Takashi Iwasaki, source: www.booooooom.com

My way for the color bloking trend of the summer - lots of neutrals, tiny splashes of different colors, geometrical forms. And it does remind me of Kandinsky, whose work I adore.

June 26, 2011

back from milan

I just came back from Milan yesterday. It was such an amazing time that I had there. Milan has got such a creative energy - it's the perfect place for awakening after a hectic schoolyear! It truly is an inspiring place, with its modern touches to classical architecture. I am so looking forward to going there again. I would really love to post some photos, but somehow I always left my camera in the hotel!

June 15, 2011

champion sound

+ a random photo of flowers:

I got this dress three years ago and I was really reluctant about wearing it. It could have been the thrauma from school uniforms (a blue shirt and a tie), or maybe I just felt a little bit too dresses up and grown up in it. But lately it has been my salvation piece - whenever there is nothing to put on, this dress is waiting for me. Too bad it wrinkles so much during the day! Whenever someone reminds me of the 'if not worn for a year, than throw it away' I remind myself of this shirt dress and its story. 
The bracelets that I am wearing - I made them myself! And I love having them on my wrist, they are cheering up and versatile, the black one especially. If you would like some more information about them, please e-mail me at d.krysinska@gmail.com. 
Plus the destroyed bag - please don't pay attention. It is not made of real leather (not even of a good quality pcv) so after being used for over a year, it looks really bad. I should buy a new one, but there is nothing that I like in the bags department. I will probably sew something for myself over the summer. Which I can't wait for!
I am going to Milan in three days! What shoud I visit there? Please, help!

June 13, 2011

places to go, places to stay (+ at home)

Click the photos for bigger size!

This is a really tiny fraction of the photos that my parents took during their trip to USA about 20 years ago. They are, withiout a doubt, one of my favourite things, and I love to look through them. They make such an inspiring collection, and the colors captured by the old camera are wonderful, so fresh and somehow romantic. I especially like to stare at the ones that depict bridges - I have got a couple framed and standing on my nightstand, and one stapled into my organizer. 
I am really keen on the idea of taking such a trip myself one day. I quite enjoy going places by car, and doing so with someone I love, listening to great music, seeing all of those amazingly beautiful places, even sleeping in the car and showering at gas stations, and eating ice cream instead of proper breakfast, would be dreams come true. I have done some sightseeing with my parents in the USA already, but I was twelve at that time and my brother was eight, so we only cared about enormous candy and we were bothered by not understanding anyone, and we were whining all the time. 

June 9, 2011

interior insp

At the end of July, my family and I will move to a new house that has been being redecorated for a year now. I am really excited about it, because I am going to live close to my school and friends, while now there's a distance of about hour and a half to be made by bus (or 40 minutes by car - still a lot). And since I am going to have a new room, I have been saving some inspirational photos of rooms that I liked. 
Here are some of them:
Louis Ghost by Starck (too bad that it's so popular now!), splashes of pink, wooden and transparent plastic pieces, fresh flowers, fairy lights, little lamps, pastels. 
 This is a selection from a collection that is being made for about a year now, so I can't really find the source of these. They are not my photos!

My room has got walls in pale grey and floor in white wash oak, and a really big window. It's not too big though. Luckily, I managed to think of a way to create a walk - in closet in there, because I really  don't like the idea of having my clothes in an actual armoire!

June 5, 2011

tumblr insp

Summer feel, texture, yellow, pink, travel, sun.
All photos come from my dashboard.

June 4, 2011

good time

 diy brecelets: semi precious gemstones, metal elements in golden.

 onyx and golden beads, pink marble and golden tubes, turqoise and golden beads.

 orange marble, golden beads and golden tubes, onyx and golden beads, turqoise and golden tubes.

necklaces: in white quartz, onyx, red quartz.

 Lately I've been doing some jewelry all the time (see: photos above).The sound of beads bouncing and rolling on the floor is something I already got used to - unlike my parents, who are quite irritated with me making all that noise. I also hope to find some other metal elements, preferably vintage. 
I really wish I posted more outfit photos, and I actually started to carry my camera around so that my friends could shoot some photos, but somehow it never works out - it's either terrible wether or lack of time to blame.