June 9, 2011

interior insp

At the end of July, my family and I will move to a new house that has been being redecorated for a year now. I am really excited about it, because I am going to live close to my school and friends, while now there's a distance of about hour and a half to be made by bus (or 40 minutes by car - still a lot). And since I am going to have a new room, I have been saving some inspirational photos of rooms that I liked. 
Here are some of them:
Louis Ghost by Starck (too bad that it's so popular now!), splashes of pink, wooden and transparent plastic pieces, fresh flowers, fairy lights, little lamps, pastels. 
 This is a selection from a collection that is being made for about a year now, so I can't really find the source of these. They are not my photos!

My room has got walls in pale grey and floor in white wash oak, and a really big window. It's not too big though. Luckily, I managed to think of a way to create a walk - in closet in there, because I really  don't like the idea of having my clothes in an actual armoire!


  1. it looks amazing ! wish I would redecorate my room

  2. Your room - and entire house for that matter - is beyond amazing. I wish I could take photos of it and post them here!