June 13, 2011

places to go, places to stay (+ at home)

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This is a really tiny fraction of the photos that my parents took during their trip to USA about 20 years ago. They are, withiout a doubt, one of my favourite things, and I love to look through them. They make such an inspiring collection, and the colors captured by the old camera are wonderful, so fresh and somehow romantic. I especially like to stare at the ones that depict bridges - I have got a couple framed and standing on my nightstand, and one stapled into my organizer. 
I am really keen on the idea of taking such a trip myself one day. I quite enjoy going places by car, and doing so with someone I love, listening to great music, seeing all of those amazingly beautiful places, even sleeping in the car and showering at gas stations, and eating ice cream instead of proper breakfast, would be dreams come true. I have done some sightseeing with my parents in the USA already, but I was twelve at that time and my brother was eight, so we only cared about enormous candy and we were bothered by not understanding anyone, and we were whining all the time. 

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