June 15, 2011

champion sound

+ a random photo of flowers:

I got this dress three years ago and I was really reluctant about wearing it. It could have been the thrauma from school uniforms (a blue shirt and a tie), or maybe I just felt a little bit too dresses up and grown up in it. But lately it has been my salvation piece - whenever there is nothing to put on, this dress is waiting for me. Too bad it wrinkles so much during the day! Whenever someone reminds me of the 'if not worn for a year, than throw it away' I remind myself of this shirt dress and its story. 
The bracelets that I am wearing - I made them myself! And I love having them on my wrist, they are cheering up and versatile, the black one especially. If you would like some more information about them, please e-mail me at d.krysinska@gmail.com. 
Plus the destroyed bag - please don't pay attention. It is not made of real leather (not even of a good quality pcv) so after being used for over a year, it looks really bad. I should buy a new one, but there is nothing that I like in the bags department. I will probably sew something for myself over the summer. Which I can't wait for!
I am going to Milan in three days! What shoud I visit there? Please, help!


  1. I love the dress!
    If you don't mind me saying, but my you can brighten your pictures and play around with the tones a bit. It's just a suggestion :)

  2. Great outfit! Like your blog :)