June 4, 2011

good time

 diy brecelets: semi precious gemstones, metal elements in golden.

 onyx and golden beads, pink marble and golden tubes, turqoise and golden beads.

 orange marble, golden beads and golden tubes, onyx and golden beads, turqoise and golden tubes.

necklaces: in white quartz, onyx, red quartz.

 Lately I've been doing some jewelry all the time (see: photos above).The sound of beads bouncing and rolling on the floor is something I already got used to - unlike my parents, who are quite irritated with me making all that noise. I also hope to find some other metal elements, preferably vintage. 
I really wish I posted more outfit photos, and I actually started to carry my camera around so that my friends could shoot some photos, but somehow it never works out - it's either terrible wether or lack of time to blame.