April 25, 2011

fernando pando

I love to wear my striped top, and I could really buy a new one before the old one falls into pieces. 
I also really like wearing those shorts, despite of them being at least two sizes two big on me. I guess it's just because I can't see how bad my butt looks in them. But I just adore the idea of very much distressed demin shorts and a dark, simple blazer. Lately I've also fallen for jackets that are just too big and loose in the waist, and the lapels are not really a must.

Today was a great day. I was never really allured by sun, but this year is so much different. I just need to buy a new sunscreen before I am all tan! I always like it better when I am rather pale. And as much as I am excited about summer, the end of school year is just so hectic! 

 + me being silly:
H&M sunglasses, H&M blazer, Zara t-shirt, vintage belt, vintage shorts.

I actually wanted for this blog to be a personal style one!


  1. loove yours subject! ;D
    I also love stripped shirts - it's enough to see in my new post, that's my favourite ;)

  2. śliczne okulary. i strasznie zazdroszczę ci nóg, cudownie zgrabne!

  3. Uwielbiam takie "stare" torby :) koniecznie obejrzyj film.

  4. Bardzo fajna stylizacja ;)
    Podoba mi się taka duża marynarka ;)
    Zapraszam do mnie ;)