November 25, 2012

you don't have to bring your booze

        The prospect of moving out to an apartment becomes more and more real every day, and, in between looking for offers on the Internet, I've been some time clicking through countless "interiors inspiration" boards and folders. There's an infinite number of those. Wait. I've actually been doing that for most of the time, with occasional breaks during which I would visit renting sites. It's just so much easier and more fun. Everyone agrees. Good. We can move on.
          I haven't been looking for home bars specifically, but suddenly, boom! there's a collection of over twenty photos of these. I don't think that moving out of dorm will lead me to uncontrolled drinking and that I will develop an alcohol dependency; if that were to be, dorm and lack of parental supervision would have sufficed. So no worries! By the way, as you scroll down, you'll notice that there are other things that can make for a home bar in my book. Tea and the grandma side of me are a match made in heaven! 

(A dedicated cabinet that will also hold glasses + a geographically themed print)

(a simple tray with weird stuff on the side, blue-ish framed print seems to be a must)

 (a little bit industrial trolleys - they come with wheels! A mobile drinks island! Perfect!)

(girlier thanks to the splash of pink and sparkling water/soda included; we prefer our liquor softer)  

(a shelf dedicated to coffee and tea equipment - yes, that counts as a bar to me, and yes, that probably makes me more excited and would probably get more use in my home)

(a lovely picture of a tea/coffee tray - framed prints included! - just because I couldn't and didn't really want to stop myself. Ah, that sunlight!)

sources: I still need to get a hang of keeping track of sources, because my current "just saving under a random name" system doesn't prove successful. Any tips? Also, if you know the source of a photo, please, let me know, so I could credit properly.
2. the wyatt hotel // unknown
3. Rodney Graham by Jennilee Marigomen for Free&Easy // unknown
4. unknown // unknown
5. unknown // unknown
6. unknown 

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