February 9, 2011

Georges Hobeika Couture ss 11

I've just seen Georges Hobeika Couture show for this season and I fell in love with some of the dresses. I loved the fabrics and the way they moved when models walked in them, I loved the pale, feminine colors and messy ponytails, the sparkles and using fabric to create flowers and textures. I adored the long, flowy skirts way more than those fitted ones.

Amongst all those amazing pieces, I noticed one dress that I would love to have. 
This dress looked so lovely when in motion, swirling around hips. It also has a stunning back, but I can't find a photo of it. Also, the difference between patent belt and chiffon-y fabric is very interesting. It's a very classic shape, put into modern trends by some simple elements - the pattern on the skirt, the belt, the low neckline, and the back.

 (The Fashion Spot)
I love this applique. The mix of textures - plastic beads and fabric shapes - is stunning. 

I wish there were some better photos, but apparently Georges Hobeika doesn't have a site on style.com.

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