February 10, 2011

Metallic nail polish

Alexander McQueen (style.com)

 Anna Sui (style.com)

 Anna Sui (style.com)

There's nothing that I enjoy as much as a new bottle of nail polish. It's a great way of starting to wear spring trends, because you actually need a proper weather to wear a chiffon minidress, but you can sport a nail color for spring in February. Also, it's a very affordable way of keeping up with trends. And not many regrets there are when you get a new bottle and you never use it (unlike with clothes). I've been into metallic nail polishes for quite a while, but the bronze and golden are new to me, and they look amazingly... warm. I've also seen this look at Holly Fulton and House of Holland, but I can't find a close-up photo of neither.

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