February 27, 2011

Home made twix squares

I often feel like baking, and it's very therapeutic to me. After a hectic day at school, no matter if I need to do tons of work for the next day, I make a cake. I have a very long list of things I want to give a try in my kitchen, but sometimes I find a recipe that needs to be done straight away. The home made Twix bars from Not Without Salt had to be prepared as soon as I got home!

For the shortbread, I followed the recipe carefully. I enjoyed the crips effect that ground rice left - my family on the other hand hated it. My dad would just cut it off and eat caramel with chocolate. If I make this again, I will definitely skip the rice because I prefer when other people eat the super high in sugar and fat goods that I make :) The caramel seemed too much of work for a Friday night, so I just melted toffee candies which I got at store and added some salt. For chocolate glaze, I used half milk and half bitter chocolate to balance the sweetness.

The caramel had to set overnight. I cut my twix into 1-inch squares, because I though they would look prettier that way. My mom requested smaller pieces. Also, I am no good at cutting in straight lines. It was easier to eat them in this shorter shape, since they crush and leave a lot of crumps. On the photo below, there is one bar I wrapped in paper.

A lemon pound cake is in the oven right now. I really wanted to have a piece for a while now, and I took a long break in studying to make that cake. I really hope it will come out good!

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