March 10, 2011

metallic nail polish p2

I fell in love with metallic nail polish, as you could have read here. I rushed to H&M, because they usually sell 'trendy' nail polish colors. I got lucky to choose from silver and gold - and this is rarely a dillema ot me, I am always for gold.

It did look amazing, and lasted for a week. But the removing part - soo much work. Glitter all over my fingers, even though the polish was definately metallic, not glittery in a tacky way. It took me about 45 minutes to get rid of all golden leftovers from my fingers and nails.

I don't have any photos, unfortunetly.

Now I lust for a nice peachy-beige shade.
(source: Glamour)

The make-up is amazing as well. I love bold pink on lips!