April 1, 2011

shoe problems

My computer was being repaired after a virus attack for almost a month! that's why I hadn't posted a thing since the beginning of March.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Paris and I have got such a problem packing. I hate packing. How am I supposed to decide what I will want to wear three days from now? And I am not able to predict what kind of book I am going to want to read either. 

Still, my real problem is shoes. I never buy shoes for fun - looking for the right pair of shoes is nothing but exhausting and depressing experience through which I have to go every time seasons are changing. I have quite big feet , size 41. Most of the shoes that I like are already gone or never arrived from the factory. The rest doesn't look cute at all on a big, clumsy foot.  And I am so picky - I want my shoes to look good and I am hardly ever bothered about the comfort of a pair. So now that I am going walk around a city for about 8 hours a day (at school, I sit, mostly...), I had to find my old, devastated Converses (not those classic ones, but huge and weird, in black, white and turquoise) from my tomboy days. 


Have a good week. I will!

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