April 14, 2011

I love mango (the fruit)

 Paris was wonderful, but I haven't really had time to look through the photos to make a post about my stay there. I plan to do that over the weekend. Unfortunately, I don't have a single photo of well-dressed people, because I got scared about asking whether they don't mind being photographed.

Today, I went to Coffee Heaven and got myself a Mangoccino - mango flavored cappuccino. I love mango! Where I live, coffee in cafes like Coffee Heaven costs  me my entire daily budget, but it is just a ritual - every time I am around that particular coffee shop, I just have to leave with a cup of coffee! Luckily, this only takes place once a month, or even less often! There are some details about an expensive coffee to take that I love, and that a home brewed coffee or the one from McDonalds (which is really good, as far as I am concerned) will never have. Holding the cup feels wonderful, but there's more! 

Decorating the coffee with patterns - who is skilled enough to do it at home?  And who cares about the way their coffee looks?

 Personalized cups - nothing sensational, but I love to discover a message hidden under the cardboard sleeve. This one says "have a nice day". 

Three years ago, I went to USA for the summer, and I got used to saying that to everyone. I came back home and told that little sweet phrase to everyone, and people always looked at me surprised. I am over the moon that now it's normal for people to say that and put on coffee cups! It's such a lovely habit. 

Funny thing about me and being so thrilled about a cup of coffee - I don't like that drink all that much! 
Oh, and sorry for the quality of photos. I don't carry my camera around, so I just spontaneously took these with my ipod.

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