April 22, 2011

Shine on

I love shiny stuff. Remember my post on metallic nail polishes? A friend of mine says that I have a thing for armor-esque clothing, but not all that glitters looks like medieval protective apparel! It felt as though I was alone in my love for all that shines. But yesterday I read a text about this season's sparke at style.com and I recalled that my lurex dress was worn by all of my friends last year (such a relief! I am not the only one) . And that I always loved the lurex socks that Cassie worn in Skins (sorry, but I can't find a photo). And Cassie's vintage, golden dresses. And maybe it has something to do with my sign being Leo that sparkle always catches my eye.

I always loved lists, so here is one: of my 5 most wanted glittery pieces right now:

    Just wow. I don't think I could wear it, and it seems to be heavy. But still, wow.

    I regret not buying it so much!

  This little skirt combines my three favorite features of clothes: metallic elements, texture and soft pink.

    Is there anything that would look better with collar and cuffs peeping from an oversized black sweater?

     I wonder if I can get that effect, spraying dark gold paint over old skinnies. 

Anyways, I am really tired. Going to bed. Maybe I will dream of a way to earn enough to buy those wonderful pieces.

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